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Our People

ASHRAE Region XIII 2003-2004 Regional Executive Committee
Director and Regional Chairman (DRC) Raymond WONG Singapore
Assistant Regional Chairman (ARC) and DRC Designate Chee Sheng OW Malaysia
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Membership Promotion Yie-Zu Robert HU Taiwan
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Resource Promotion Steven TOH Malaysia
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Chapter Programs Roger CHU Hong Kong
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Student Activities Sunny TAN Singapore
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Technical, Energy and Government Activities NG Eng Hong Singapore
Nominating Committee Member PAU Wai Keung Hong Kong
Nominating Committee Alternative CHAO Uen-Hua Taiwan
Nominating Committee Reserve Alternative --- ---
Regional Historian Yong Hoa TAN Singapore
Regional Webmaster Sam HUI Chun-Man Hong Kong
Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) Chair 2003 Chaiyan SOLICUPT Philippines
Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) Chair 2004 CHEE Y P Singapore
Chapter Presidents (2003-2004):    
- Hong Kong Vincent CHU Hong Kong
- Malaysia Yeo Boon Kah Malaysia
- Philippines Manuel C. Belino Philippines
- Singapore George T. S. SZE Singapore
- Taiwan Jian-Yuen LIN Taiwan
- Thailand Jintana Sirisantana Thailand

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