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About Us

ASHRAE Region XIII 2010-2011 Regional Executive Committee
Director and Regional Chairman (DRC) Mr Wichai Laksanakorn Thailand
Assistant Regional Chairman (ARC) Dr Yie-Zu Robert HU Taiwan
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Membership Promotion Mr Eric Moreno PANZO Philippines
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Research Promotion Mr Edward Ka Cheung TSUI Hong Kong
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Chapter Technology Transfer Mr Yong Kong NG Malaysia
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Student Activities Mr Apichit Lumlertpongpana Thailand
Regional Vice Chair (RVC) for Refrigeration Mr Jojo Castro Philippines
Nominating Committee Member Mr Wei-Dong WANG Taiwan
Nominating Committee Alternative Mr Sunny TAN Singapore
Nominating Committee Reserve Alternative Mr K L CHAN Hong Kong 
Regional Historian/Conference Secretary Mr Den Low Malaysia
Regional Webmaster Dr Sam C M HUI Hong Kong
Regional Treasurer Ms Jintana Sirisantana Thailand
Regional ECC (Electronic Communication) Chair Mr Jui-Fah CHOU Taiwan
Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) Chair 2010 (Singapore) Prof. Raymond WONG Singapore
Chapters Regional Conference (CRC) Chair 2011 (Hong Kong) Mr. W K PAU Hong Kong
Chapter Delegate and Alternate:    
- Hong Kong Ms Eagle C Y Mo
Mr Albert Lin
Hong Kong
- Malaysia Mr Jian Wen CHAN
Mr Dennis Soon Chin Lim
- Indonesia Dr Agus Wismakumara
Mr Deddy El Rashid
- Philippines Mr Jim L Bata
Mr Emmanuel C Punsalan
- Singapore Prof. Sekhar Chandra
Mr Gek S Tan
- Taiwan Mr Renjie Jerry Huang
Dr Fu-Jen Wang
- Thailand Mr Chirdpun Vitooraporn
Mr Vorasen Leewattanakit

Other related bodies:

  • CAR ASHRAE Beijing Group
  • CAR ASHRAE Shanghai Group
  • Kuching Section of Malaysia Chapter
  • Macau Section of Hong Kong Chapter
History of ASHRAE Region XIII [under construction]
  • History of the Formation of Region XIII [PDF]
  • Motion to establish ASHRAE Region XIII [PDF]
  • Petition to establish ASHRAE Region XIII [PDF]
  • Historic and other photos [Gallery]
  • Pictorial history of Region XIII CRCs (prepared by Albert Sin of Singapore Chapter) [PowerPoint, 4.5 MB]
  • Historical photos presented at ASHRAE Region XIII 13th Chapters Regional Conference, 27-29 August 2010 (prepared by Albert Sin of Singapore Chapter) [PDF]
ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Program [website]
  • 2010-2011 ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturers (DLs from Region XIII) [Excel](extracted from ASHRAE)
    • Thiam Leong Chen
    • Sam C. M. Hui
    • Apichit Lumlertpongpana
    • Jianlei Niu
    • Chandra Sekhar
    • Kecha Thirakomen
    • Vincent K.C. Tse
  • ASHRAE Honors and Awards
  • List of ASHRAE Fellows from Region XIII
    • Hong Kong
      • Mr. Samuel P. W. Wong (1988)
      • Mr. Ping-Ki KWOK (1991)
      • Mr. Vincent K.C. TSE (1996)
      • Mr. Chun On SYNN (2002) [Fellow Life Member]
      • Dr. Chun Ying CHU (2003)
      • Dr. Yuguo Li (2006)
      • Dr. T. T. Chow (2008)
    • Malaysia
      • Dr. C. S. Ow (2002)
      • Mr. T. L. Chen (2004)
      • Prof. K. S. Kanan (2006)
    • Singapore
      • Dr. E. H. Ng (2001)
      • Mr. Y. W. Wong (2002)
      • Mr. Y. P. Chee (2004)
      • Dr. S. K. Chou (2005)
      • Dr. S. C. Sekhar (2007)
    • Taiwan
      • Mr. D. W. P. Wang (2002)
      • Dr. Robert Y. Z. Hu (2005)
      • Dr. K. Yang (2006)
    • Thailand
      • Assoc. Prof. Tawee Vechaputti (2004)
      • Dr. Piya Chongvatana (2006)
      • Mr. Kecha Thirakomen (2009)
      • Dr. Apichit Lumlertpongpana (2010)

ASHRAE Region XIII 2009-2010 Regional Executive Committee

ASHRAE Region XIII 2008-2009 Regional Executive Committee

ASHRAE Region XIII 2007-2008 Regional Executive Committee

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